Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Mortgage Affiliate Program

Why should I join theLendingAffilaite.comt Affiliate Program?

That’s an EASY one! Our Affiliate Program provides a way for you to turn your visitors into revenue. The other major reason is that we also provide an excellent way for your visitors to get access to a Mortgage Approval when they have credit problems. We specialize in helping the borers who do not “fit” the normal Mortgage Underwriting Guidelines. Our hundreds of participating mortgage brokers will enable your visitors to get the best deal on a loan for a new home or to refinance their present loan.

What is required to join Affiliate Program?

Our program costs nothing to join. You must, of course, have an up and running web site. That’s it. Simply to join our Affiliate Program!

Who can join the LendingAffiliates.comt Affiliate Program?

If you currently have a website up and running you are welcome to submit an application for our affiliate program. We reserve the right to refuse any application to be an affiliate. will not accept applications from sites that we deem to have inappropriate content.

How am I paid and how often?

The base commission rate is $3.00 for every mortgage application request that we accept. Each banner or text link allows you to accumulate commissions in this way. On an ongoing basis we review affiliate accounts to see how they are performing. Often we will substantially increase commissions based upon the quality of the visitors we are receiving. You will receive payment through at the end of each month where you have accrued at least $25.00 in commissions. If a total of $25.00 due to you has not been reached we will hold those commissions until the total amount is at least $30.00 and pay you at the next end of month.

How does calculate my Affiliate commissions?

Every time a visitor clicks on one of our banners or text links, our site records that visitor along with the unique affiliate ID that we have assigned to your site. By giving a cookie to that visitor we track whether or not that visitor has completed a mortgage application request. We will then attribute to your account the appropriate commission.

What if I am considering becoming or already am a member of another affiliate program?

Our affiliate program does not have any provisions of exclusivity. You are welcome to be a member of as many programs as you wish in addition to ours. Banner space is of course limited on every web site and you should always try and maximize the performance of your advertising.

How does the Affiliate Program compare to others?

Most affiliate programs are run thru a third party platform such as Commission Junction or BeFree. We run our program in-house to allow for maximum flexibility and so we can be more responsive to our affiliates.

How can I see how if your program is performing for me?

In the Affiliate Console, once you have logged in, there are several reports that you can generate to show how well our program is working for you. You can see how different banners are performing as well as seeing how much money the program is generating for you. We encourage you to experiment with the different types of ads and their placement to see what works the best for your site.

What is a Tier 2 affiliate program?

A Tier 2 program allows each affiliate to generate additional commissions by signing up other affiliates. Every affiliate that signs up through your site entitles you to earn additional commissions. Click here for more info about our Special 2 Tier Affiliate Program.

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