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About Our Mortgage Affiliate Program

How Can I Earn More Money? - By promoting our Affiliate Program you can earn second tier commissions. For each Affiliate that joins under your name, you get a second tier commission of all of their sales.

As an example, suppose you promote our affiliate program by displaying a link on your web site. Suppose Ellen comes along, follows your link and joins our affiliate program. Because Ellen came from your site, you will now get Tier 2 commissions off of all sales made from Ellen's site!

For our Affiliate Program that works out to $0.30 for each lead in commissions for you by traffic to Ellen's website. Now while thirty cents doesn't sound like much money there is no limit to how many Tier 2 affiliates can be attributed to your site. Several Tier 2 affiliates that sign up under your name can produce significant income for you even if no leads are generated directly from your site.

Over time and the more 2 Tier Affiliates under you can add up quickly!

Sign Up Now! - Our program is FREE to join. Get instant access to your partnership control panel so you can get started immediately.


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